Monday, 1 January 2018

Some words for Saifullah Khan and Hidayatullah Khan

1st Jan' 2017 --------- Hidayatullah Khan
27th Dec' 2017 ------- Saifullah Khan (Hidayatullah's grandson)

2017 is the most saddest year for our family.
Saifullah Khan, your departure from this world filled the eyes of our father,mother,sister,brothers and every single known/unknown person out there. This sudden news shook all of us,it was something which nobody could believe.Our parents have lost the sparkle of their lives. Your face seems in front of our eyes,a vision we see every second but nothing can bring you back,that’s the harsh reality. Mourning over your absence in this world will be forever. You have left every single person out there devastated. But maybe you were too beautiful for this ugly world that’s why He called you back so early. He chose you because He loved you more than any of us,so He wanted you all with Him. Now we have to cope,we have to carry on with this pain. But deep down we all know,you are in a far better place. It’s merely impossible to accept it so quickly,your reference will always break our heart. But the way you left in a blink,has made us all realise that one day all of us have to leave,some way or the other. That death does not prefer age or doings,it just comes to you when it’s written,and it will come to us too.
May your soul rest in peace. May ALLAH give you the highest rank in Jannah.Aameen.
To ALLAH we belong,And to Him shall we return.

Time passes but not one day goes by that you are not here
in my heart.The day you died was not just a date on a calendar,
it was the day when my very existence changed forever.

Today our calendars mark a new year. Today we all step into a new year with the heaviest heart as always. We have lost some beautiful souls and pieces of our heart. We survived and carried on. We healed from the outside but were shattered on the inside, but we lived. Life will never be the same without you all. We all still grieve and mourn their loss.
We hope that they are all in a better and beautiful place. They still live in our hearts and will be there forever & always. 

Hidayatullah Khan and his grandson Saifullah Khan

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Saifullah Khan died on 27th December 2017

In the start of 2017, on 1st January Retd.Commissioner Malak Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand died. In the end of 2017, his grandson Saifullah Khan died on 27th December.
3 grandsons of Retd.SSP AbdurRahimJan also died on 27th December'2017

4 friends and cousins died in a car accident.
Saifullah Khan s/o Humayun Khan (Add.Commissioner KPKCAR)
Muhammad Haseeb s/o Muhammad Tariq (VicePresident ZTBL)
Hamza Khan s/o Tahir Khan (DSP Karachi)
Umair Khan s/o Abdul Qadir Khan (DSP Karachi)

(Late)Saifullah Khan Mohmand and his cousins

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Retd. Commissioner and Chief Tribal Elder of Mohmand Agency (Late) Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand

(Late) Hidayatulla Khan Mohmand used to say sometimes " aao k ochle aur koode na ke dhoop me kaan hilaye"

Retd. Commissioner and Chief Tribal Elder of Mohmand Agency (Late) Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Great sons of Abdullah Khan Mohmand and Governor NWFP Fida Muhammad Khan on 27th Nov 1992

The sons of Great Haji Abdullah Khan Mohmand and Governor NWFP Fida Mohammad Khan on 27th November 1992
SSP Abdur Rahim Jan Mohmand
Commissioner Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand

Governor NWFP Fida Muhammad Khan, SSP Abdur Rahim Jan Mohmand and Commissioner Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand

Friday, 14 July 2017

Retd. Commissioner Malak Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand in Wana, South Waziristan, FATA

Retd. Commissioner Malak Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand along with Ex Senator Dilawar Khan and other tribal elders attempting to win the release of 14 kidnapped paramilitary troops captured by militants, leave for the military controlled area near Wana, South Waziristan, FATA.

Retd. Commissioner Malak Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand in Wana, South Waziristan, FATA

Friday, 10 February 2017

Retd.Commissioner Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand delivering a speech

Malak Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand, a former bureaucrat while delivering speech.
#Leader #StyleOfCommunication

Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand while delivering speech!

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Humayun Khan Mohmand, elder son of Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand

Humayun Khan Mohmand, Additional Commissioner Afghan Refugees
Elder son of  Retd.Commissioner Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Monday, 25 July 2016

Abdullah Khan Mohmand F/O Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand

Abdullah Khan Mohmand, Father of Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand was a tribal elder of Mohmand Agency, he served his life for the people of FATA, he was famous for his great decision making powers.He was also given the responsibility of Durand Line.He had such a charismatic personality all over. He was not only a chief of Mohmand tribe but had also been greatly respected as a spiritual figure.No tribal chief has been respected like him ever in the recent or near past history of Mohmand tribe. Even powerful people would be standing in front of him with great respect.Haji Abdullah was madrasa educated person who could write/read/speak Pashto, Persian and Arabic languages. Haji Abdullah had a bold and confident personality. He also had a spiritual aspect in his personality which was much respected all over the tribals of FATA. He was an active leader in creation of Pakistan. He had close ties with Muhammad Ali Jinnah. British government awarded him with the title of “KHAN SAHIB”. Malik Haji Abdullah tried to unite all the tribals of FATA under an organization which elected him as president of the organization. Malik Haji Abdullah educated all of his three son with higher education and the eldest son Khanzada Khan was sent to Aligarh Muslim University for higher education. All the three sons succeeded to get good positions in government. Malik Haji Abdullah had good relations with the king of Afghanistan King Zahir Shah and a frequent royal guest at Afghanistan. 

He had three sons:
  1. Khanzada Khan: retired as DIG of NWFP(now KPK)
  2. AbdurRahim Jan: retired as SSP (Karachi)
  3. Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand: retired as Commissioner (Dera Ismail Khan)

According to Quaid-e-Azam Malak Abdullah Khan Mohmand was considered as the famous and powerful man in Mohmand Agency,FATA(Jinnah Papers, pg#462)

Abdullah Khan F/O Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand

Sunday, 24 April 2016

( هدایت الله خان مهمند ) Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand

Hidayatullah Khan at 1980
هدایت الله خان مهمند 
Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand (1938-2017) was a bureaucrat, therefore enjoyed different posts.He served as the Political Agent  of North Waziristan. He also served as Additional Chief Secretary of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Additional Commissioner Afghan Refugees, Collector of PDA and retired as the Commissioner of DI Khan.
After retirement  being a notable Mohmand he was the selected as the Chief Tribal Elder (Malak) of Mohmand Agency.Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand belonged to a powerful and royal family of NWFP, he led his whole life for the betterment of people of NWFP and FATA like his father Abdullah.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Retd.Commissioner Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand at Mohmand Agency

Retd. Commissioner Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand was called by the Core Commander of Peshawar at Mohmand Agency,FATA.

Retd. Commissioner Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand with Core Commander of Peshawar

Retd.Commisioner Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand with XPresident ZiaulHaq

XPresident ZiaulHaq,
Chief Secretary (r) Rustam Shah Mohmand &
My Grand Father Commissioner (r) Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand
Retd.Commisioner Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand with XPresident ZiaulHaq

Hidayatullah Khan during Haleemzai tribe’s grand tribal jirga

Hidayatullah Khan Mohmand, a retired Commissioner and now a chief tribal elder of Mohmand Agency belongs to a powerful and royal family of KPK, led his whole life for the betterment of people of KPK and FATA.

Retd. Commissioner Malak Hidayatullah Khan
Addressing the jirga, tribal leader Malik Hidayatullah emphasized that since the tribe has now announced support for the government, it is now the duty of the government to support the tribe as well. He demanded that the government work on development and provide compensation because of the troubles suffered by the militancy-hit region, including infrastructure damage and internally displaced persons (IDPs).
Hidayatullah also lashed out against NGOs working in the area, alleging that vast amounts of foreign funding had been embezzled. He explained that by labeling certain regions ‘no go areas’, the NGOs could use the funds in any way without having to prove that any development has taken place in these regions with the allocated money.

The tribal leader demanded an inquiry into where these funds had disappeared, and pointed out that while the government has relaxed the collective responsibility clause of the draconian Frontier Crime Regulation (FCR) law, it is yet to be implemented in spirit. Hidayatullah also called for the release of all those imprisoned in various jails without any solid evidence.